Nikki Isserow

Nikki is originally from Vancouver, Canada, and moved to Tel Aviv in 2018. She has always loved movement. From a young age, she practiced both rhythmic gymnastics and dance. As she grew older, she found yoga as an outlet for her love of movement. In university, Nikki started practicing Hot Yoga going to vinyasa classes a few times a week- at first she was hesitant but in the cold winter days in Montreal, hot yoga became part of her daily routine. Her love of yoga was not only just the physical practice itself but the spiritual aspects of mindfulness that developed throughout the journey. In addition to this, Nikki also found a like-minded community through her practice that inspired her in many ways, most prominently was her teacher that she practiced with weekly and lead her to want to take her practice to the next level and become a teacher herself. In the summer of 2018, Nikki participated in a 200hr YTT in Karpathos, Greece, which taught her the fundamentals of the practice and what it means to be a teacher. During this three week intensive course, she was able to dive deeper into the historical teachings of Yoga and its roots. Following the training, she felt like she had new insight to offer others and was eager to share her new found knowledge of movement and mindfulness and how to connect the two through yoga. Following this training she also took part in a Kick-Asana training, a style that combines vinyasa, cardio, strength training and free flowing movement. Her love of dance came out in this style as it is a musically driven class that inspires students to move freely in their bodies. Nikki continues to teach both Vinyasa and Kick-Asana, hoping to share her love of yoga and movement with those around her.