Naomi Golani

Naomi danced professionally from an early age, and when she visited New York she discovered Bikram. She looked for something new in her life that would play a role like dance, and a friend in a cafe one day suggested that she try yoga. At first she was hesitant because she felt her energies were too high for calm yoga. When she discovered the hot yoga she found a challenge that boost her up and was ready to try it. When she tried hot yoga for the first time, she did not believe how challenging it was compared to her expectations. The first Bikram lesson she tried was an amazing experience for her. After class, when the teacher left the room, she realized it was the most amazing thing she had tried. By then she knew she wanted to become a yoga teacher. Naomi teaches yoga in Israel and around the world.

Bikram is based on a permanent series of poses – what changes is the practitioner’s abilities and physical reactions to the heat. “The intention in Bikram,” Naomi says, “is to bring something from India into the studio space.” Naomi practiced and taught in India, and it was a special and important experience for her. Through this experience she realized how much she enjoys helping people to make a difference in their lives through yoga and balance them. It is important for her to give instructions during the practice to help the body and the mind. The mantra that guides her in life is “In order to get something, something has to be released.” In other words, when you strive to get deeper into your practice, you have to release something and soothe the mind.