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Studio Sol for hot yoga and hot pilates, Tel-Aviv based fastest growing yoga studio launches its first yoga teacher training course for Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. 

The course is designed for yoga practitioners who want to deepen their personal practice, take it to the next level and become yoga teachers – and also to those who are passionate about their practice and want to go deeply into it.

The course syllabus

Graduates of the course will receive an international certificate of professional yoga instruction, sponsored by the Yoga Alliance.

we will dedicate 110 hours for practice, learning and familiarizing the yoga poses. We will be training and practice Primary Series of Ashtnaga yoga. We will start from Surya Namaskara A and B, following standing posture, moving towards seating asanas, forward bands, backbends and finishes sequences.
We will study the basic concept of the human anatomy, focusing on the human Spine, the joints, the muscles, connective tissue, Abdomino-Pelvic anatomy and Kinesiology. The anatomy classes are taught in the context of the yoga poses and will be added to the understanding that the participant acquires in developing the movement and deepening the poses.
We will learn the art of proper alignment in practice, how to use “hands on assist” to help adjust and correct poses, how to help get in and out of a pose and how to stay still in it. The techniques of alignment and adjustments will help the students to deepen and improve their method of teaching and practice to a professional level.
We will learn and practice together the different elements of pranayama- the yogic breathing. We will study about the different techniques of yogic breathing and the meaning of each one of them. We will practice Kapalabhati (a cleansing technique for refreshing and detoxing), Bhastrika, Sheetkari (heavy nose breath), Nadi Shodhana, Ujjayi, Sheetali, Bandhas, Spinal Breathing etc. Meanwhile, we will learn about the meanings of the Mantra yoga and will combine the philosophy of the power of mantra to the elements of the yoga practice.
In order to enrich the yoga practice with philosophical formations and to cast intellectual and spiritual content to it, we will study about the origins and the development of the ancient yoga philosophy, the yoga discipline methods in the context of the practice. We will get to know 6 Indian philosophical origins like Bhagavadgita and Patanajli Yoga Sutras, will have an additional studying of traditional texts in the context of the modern being of yoga today.

Through structured instruction to build a sequence of practice and adapt it to the class level (beginners and advanced), the students will develop tools that will enable them to build their own precise practice sequences.

We will focus on interpersonal communication and standing in front of an audience, learn to maneuver between different points of attention during the lesson and set priorities in the lesson how to demonstrate poses and use the body and space optimally, and how to feel group dynamics and derive the best from it. 

We will also become familiar with communication techniques, personal leadership and group leadership through the use of precise and clear guidance.

We will learn how to build lesson plans, assisting teachers, teach full lessons and learn by watching classes. The experience of teaching will be accompanied by the mentors’ support and criticism that will help participants to develop the ability to guide quality lessons. As part of the course requirements, participants will be asked to submit original lesson plans and demonstrate them.

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