Stusio SOL - Strength Through Yoga

Strength Through Yoga

“Being strong internally, it will shine through the physical. Your yoga practice is a foundation of you.” - Zack Solomon

What is Strength Through Yoga?

Strength through yoga is a workshop of how physical poses are a 3D expression of inner soul strength. This workshop will offer effective ways of implementing a strong foundation to a yoga practice. With a practical approach, the class will teach how strength is internal just like its external and it brings up more layers within self the deeper a person develops their personal power.

Who are the instructors?

Zack Solomon and Karin Tzarfati’s practice in yoga is inspired by becoming the best versions of themselves. They set out on a journey that caused them to see how mentality affects physicality, and the emotional affects the mental. Through developing a strong core relationship with their self, and their body, meditation on the concept of gaining strength was modified. Zack has been practicing yoga for 5 years and teaching for 3 years. Karin has been teaching also for about 2-3 years. Discovering new twist and turns in the body, strength training became a personalized spiritual pursuit for the them two. When Zack became more flexible, he discovered how the body stretches stagnant energy centers which released blockages. Karin also came realize how she was now able to let go of what prevented her flow. Their shared passion inspired them to teach workshops that would just focus on instructing strength through yoga. This class will be held here, at Studio Sol, Saturday the 22nd of December from 17:00 to 19:00.

What will the workshop be like?

Stretching with the intention on areas with the most tension, Karin and Zack will put the focus on relaxing those areas. There will be a guided amrit flow and also a lot of concentration on the ability to do prolonged holding. Karin and Zack get students to update their alignments by refreshing their minds on how to hold their bodies during practice. Zack and Karin love letting their students figure out the proper alignment on their own, however, they will step in to help students go even deeper. Proper alignment and skillfully holding the poses longer aid to preventing us from a slide back into an off centered yoga posture and mental focus. Just by knowing the right way to execute a pose is an extremely powerful way to strengthen any person’s yoga practice, from beginner to advanced. A beginner may get the basics down to be able to create a solid foundation for practice, while the more yoga-familiar students get a total revelation of their current practice.

To gain something one has to first release something else.

At any level, to enhance muscles during a yoga practice a person must first expel their belief of thinking yoga is not a strength building workout. Yoga has the ability to transform a person’s body building a deep grip on conscious contraction which is called muscle memory. Muscle memory is a key aspect in the a yoga practice because it allows for the brain and the body to communicate the connection with movement and mindset that develops an immediate access to engage a muscle. Zack and Karin will take this much further, centering their 2 hour workshop on practicing the correct alignments to develop a self-aware strength.

Why at Studio Sol?

Zack and Karin wanted to specifically teach at Studio Sol because it’s such a physical practice here that they thought it would helpful to bring the concept of being strong from the inside to out. Students of Studio Sol are more than physically ready to embark on the harder challenge of strengthening their minds! Students often push their bodies in the effort to resculpt themselves physically, only later to find that their mentality around the practice upgraded. Karin and Zack’s goal is for students to change their attitudes towards the mat. They want students to figure out what feels right to them for their practice of yoga. They do not want students to always be looking towards teachers for answers, but instead want to teach them to become one for themself. By letting students go inward to develop a healthy relationship with oneself, they give the gift of listening with a physical, emotional, and mental ear. When the yoga practice is taken in as this whole package, it will completely change lives!!

How does inner strength come into our practice?

Through enough resistance to the physical body, the spirit body is also responding through mental and emotional challenges. The physical-mental-emotional bodies are all connected, thus if trying to improve the physical body, positive progress will transfer as strength in other aspects of self. Many people often workout to simply get their body moving, however when it comes to practicing yoga, one is forced to sit with their mind a lot longer by putting intention into each posture. The intention being to listen to the body and know when to rest and when to push forward. Learning our limits, where and what they are, and also when they can be respected or rewritten, is the transformative aspects of strength that instigates advancement in all yoga practice. When the mind is strong and the soul is strong everything is so much more grabbable, not because the body is changing but, because changing the meaning of strength allows the body to push itself that much more.

How can a person put intention into these postures?

Prolonged holding.

Prolonged holding goes a lot deeper than it sounds. The term is very self explanatory, hold a posture for a long duration of time, however the things in life that sound simple, surprisingly, aren’t so. In a yoga class there isn’t any weights but the weight of the body, so in order to set a foundation for growth it relies on being aware of which muscles to contract. Targeting the whole body using strength building exercises like plank pose or hollow body is a serious way to surface one’s level of struggle. To have a strong practice requires the understanding how holding on even if the struggle causes muscles to shake. This builds discipline of the emotional and mental planes. When in the act of holding a pose, time becomes the teacher and we are the students of what moment by moment feedback the body sends. It is an honest look at where the pain or playing field is in a personal practice. Taken inward in a fixed posture allows us to break through a fixed mindset that we are not in control of our feelings.

When do emotions come up in our practice?

Emotions can be looked at like energy in motion, so when we move the body it is ineblitible to encounter deeper feelings within. In the body we hold a lot of stress. When you are stretching the body, you are opening these areas of spiritual resistance. Interacting with the physical-mental-emotional matrix of the body allows for a person to realize what is right for their body right here right now. Every moment in life is different, just as every time a person does a pose it is different then the last time. When one has a physically demanding pose the response is physical, however, when one has a more mentally challenging pose, like a balancing posture, the response is more mental. The most complicated part of practice is typically managing the random waves of self-judgement and comparison to other students in the class. The thing to remember is that yoga is supposed to put a smile on our faces after a class, to help us be strengthened by joy.

“Yoga is fun! Just like life, it’s not about getting it over with, it’s about enjoying every single moment regardless of what it brings. Now that’s true strength.” - Karin Tzarfati


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