Pepe Danza

Sound Healing

“By getting deep into sound, we find the doorway to silence.” -Pepe Danza

Very few people experience the tranquility, happiness, and peace that comes from a silenced cognition, except for those few minutes before sleeping. However, with an hour and a half lying in shavasana while 4 people hover over you playing dozens of different instruments as they slowly move up in alignment with every chakra starting with the root, the mind is put on pause. While these musicians will move their instruments right above the healing centers of the body, there is a sense of wonder, “Where time has gone? Are we here right now? What is happening?” This trance state unlocks the subconscious and induces healing by slowing down the brain waves to create a calm conscious. This full massage to the soul allows dream time to take over personalizing the workshop by individual introspection. Regardless of the different kind of feelings that can come up, 90% of the people leave very calm with the mind silenced, which is why it is a very effective method of healing. It’s much more powerful than people can imagen!


Pepe and ori are sharing: “Your body is a pharmacy, it knows what to do to heal itself. We just don’t really give it the time, it just needs the deep rest and the intention for that. What we think, what we speak, sound and intention, this is what makes the magic.” When Ori started as a patient in Australia 8 years ago, he noticed how the sound healing sessions he took once a week for a year made him capable of managing his work with better clarity. He then came back to Israeli and took a yoga course with shakti mhi & Pepe Danza, his partner. Since then Pepe and him have went across Israel bringing the workshop where ever needed like high tech companies, festivals, and other organizations. Ori and Pepe are extremely motivated to spread their message of healing because they realize that just as there is more difficult issues in the world with more problems arising, there is more of a need for healing.

Scientific evidence has always been around that sound affects matter. Since Chinese antiquity it was a known tradition that sound induces healing, even before the discovery of herbal medicine. The character 藥 originated from its lower part, 樂, which highlights the historical use of music to heal illness, because the Chinese character 藥 (yào) refers to a medicine or drug. Recently the modern scientific evidence by Dr. Masaru Emoto, showed the effect on structure of the water crystals with positive or negative statements. The body is made of up to 60% water, so sound can also affect the water molecules within a person. The remarkable physical changes can be seen in the before and after blood samples from a person receiving Richard Rudis’ Sacred Sound Gong Bath. Learning to meditate with these sound healing instruments elevates the mind to a wavelength of health without much effort, no yoga necessary, just sit down and listen.

“From my experience, sound healing  allows an easy and accessible approach for all people to the deep silence that exists within us.

Today, inner silence has become a rare commodity and is essential for happy balanced life.”

 -Ori Yavor

Join us for an unforgettable sound experience on January 19th at 17:30. Early bird registration is open until January 17th. Visit our Facebook event for Full details:


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