Yoga Sculpt

Brought to Tel Aviv from its popularity in New York and Los Angeles, Yoga Sculpt is a dynamic and functional yoga method for shaping and toning the body.  This workout is based on Vinyasa Yoga dynamic sequence, combining cardio and the challenging addition of weights, this style increases the heart rate, improving cardiopulmonary fitness and effectively strengthens specific muscles of the body.  

The class consists of a series of classical yoga postures, with weights added to help to sculpt muscles and enhance training. This combination creates a very effective workout that will make it easy to cut, mold and shape every muscle in your body effectively.

The class is practiced at a moderate temperature of about 35 degrees to enhance the aerobic element, improve sweating and help increase flexibility. If you are looking for a lively, rhythmic and unconventional yoga class, with high energy and an upbeat playlist, this is the lesson for you.

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